Vodafone DND Activate, Vodafone Do Not Disturb Service Activation


With Vodafone DND service you can stop unwanted promotional calls and SMS from various Advertisement / Commercial agencies by simply registering your number at NCPR ( DND ) Service and activate DND vodafone.
After registration you will get confirmation within 24 hrs with a unique registration number. The DND Vodafone Services will be activated within 7 days. Thereafter you won’t be receive any advertisement related calls and messages.

NCPR (DND) service registration for VODAFONE Subscribers
To register NCPR (DND) service you can follow one of the following options given below .

How to activate DND service on Vodafone Mobiles

  • SMS START 0 to 1909
  • CALL 1909 and follow the IVR guidance

If you want compete deactivation of all kinds of promotional / commercial messages and calls on your VODAFONE mobile you can either send SMS: START 0 TO 1909 or make a call to 1909 and simply follow IVR guidance (1909 is a toll-free number).

In case you wish to stop or start call or messages by category – PARTIAL ACTIVATION

For getting latest updates and commercial information about latest Bikes and Cars in the market, Latest movies / mobile handsets updates you have an another option.

  • To start a service, SMS START <category number>to 1909
  • To stop a service, SMS STOP <category number>to 1909
 SNo.  Category list  Category Number
 1.  Banking/Insurance/Financial Products/Credit Cards 1
 2.  Real Estate 2
 3.  Education 3
 4.  Health 4
 5.  Consumer Goods 5
 6.  Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT 6
 7.  Tourism 7

Choose from the category list above and select the option from which you to wish to receive commercial / promotional SMS and can still keep all others away by activating NCPR services on your VODAFONE mobile number.

For example, type START 5 and send it to 1909 if you wish to receives SMS only for Consumer Goods and Automobiles related advertisements. Like this you can choose the multiple categories from where you wish to get messages and calls like START 3, 4 to 1909.

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